I hate blogs, so…

I am afraid I dislike blogs and  sorely dislike writing them. More generally, I am trying to keep a small internet footprint and retrain myself into habits of sustained concentration and proper reading, so no Twitter or FB either. However, I am always delighted to hear from  readers, who can simply contact me by old-fashioned email. I cannot guarantee that I will always reply, but I usually will.


All the best,



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4 Responses to I hate blogs, so…

  1. Jim Williams says:

    Enjoy your books very much. Extremely well written, believable and engaging. Looking forward to
    your new one.

  2. Cheryl Mauro says:

    Am very impressed with your first book and I haven’t even finished it! have exhausted the reading list of almost all of the 4 & 5 star authors and most of the new ones on italian-mystery.com listings – different styles of writing, all terrific (except one unsufferable female). can’t wait to finish and begin the next one. Commissioner Alec Blume – different, in a good way.

  3. Well, Conor, it’s May and I seem to recall a new one is coming out. Miss the raillery and companionship of the old days, but you have attained a small foot indeed. Eagerly awaiting more of Blume. Ciao for now.

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